About us

Segetis is a technology-enabled green chemistry company producing versatile chemical building blocks. This platform harnesses the power and reliability of renewable agricultural and forestry resources. The Segetis technology is powered by Javelin™ Technology. This portfolio of biobased products is backed by a strong intellectual asset portfolio.

Segetis is a product line focused on creating a sustainable world in harmony with our planet via safe and easily derived molecules from biomass to multifunctional biochemical products.

Segetis has a focus on performance first and is transforming the chemical industry by offering unique material properties, cost effective economics and dramatically improved environmental, health and safety footprint. Solvents and Plasticizers are the first of the Segetis line commercial products.

Focused on biobased products since 2007

Mission: to develop biobased product portfolio from levulinic acid
Product development
Application & market development of ketals, esters & plasticizers
Technology development
Proprietary technology. Design the construction of demo plant
Segetis assets, IP and trademarks acquired by GFBiochemicals
Scale up to 10,000 tons/year
Own ketal production facility up to 30,000 tons/year

Segetis [se’getis]

Latin, literal meaning: “of the crop field”; noun, feminine, genitive of seges- crops, grain field

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to a safe and sustainable society via the production and marketing of non-toxic biochemicals made from environmentally friendly building blocks originating from a simple chemocatalytic transformation of the main components of biomass. Our biochemicals are applied in various applications used in our daily life such as cosmetics, cleaners, softeners in polymers and many others, literally bringing nature into our houses and our lives. Segetis and GFBiochemicals is working towards a greener future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable world in harmony with our planet by combining molecules easily derived from biomass to produce multifunctional biochemical products that make our lives easier and more harmonious.