Segetis levulinic ketals are a broad class of novel, patented compounds that are bio-derived. The properties of levulinic ketals are easily modified and tailored through the R1 and R2 functionalities, allowing the compounds to be used alone or as a building block.

The chemical structure of levulinic ketals gives them valuable inherent traits:

  • Thermally stable and un-reactive
  • Low toxicity
  • High oxygen content for compatibility with a broad range of materials, including water
  • High boiling points

Segetis produces levulinic ketals using its highly selective process combining esters of levulinic acid with alcohols derived from vegetable oils to give a sustainable, multifunctional bio-derived product.


  • Demonstration Plant

    150 tons/year

    Fully Operational - 2012

    Demonstrated scale-up

    Supply Strategic Customers

  • Commercial Facility

    2017-2018 up to 10,000 tons/year

    2020-2022 up to 30Kta

    Location: TBD

Life Cycle Analysis

Segetis Materials Enhancing Sustainability Profile:

(In comparison to petro-based alternatives)

  • Save 2 liters of gasoline per liter of Segetis product
  • Save 7 tons of CO2-equivalents per ton of Segetis product

3rd Party LCA modeled “field to product” - by Boustead Consulting Ltd

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